My Lucy…

Do laptops go to heaven?  13335753_1070939782971093_4889983245794389179_nI think they do.
Lucy the laptop is close to crossing the rainbow bridge. Circa 2010 Lucy is my laptop MacPro that I got when I started this blog during a major life change, divorce, moving, job change, you name it/mid-life crisis HOT MESS goes here. Lucy called me to buy her, so I did. Who knew I made a new best friend and savior that day at the Apple store?  I did.
Circa 2010 Lucy is my laptop MacPro.  I got her when I started this blog during a major life change, divorce, sold house & moving on a whim, job change, you name it;  everything mid-life crisis goes in this spot here. I never go to the mall, but one day I did.  Apple Store lured me in. Then all of the sudden, Lucy called me to buy her, so I did. Who knew I made a new best friend and savior that day at the Apple store?  We didn’t speak the same language but she taught me how to be flexible, patient and think from a new part of my brain.
She named herself immediately, which is weird, I know. She came to me with a mission and she has more than fulfilled it. At first, Lucy’s purpose in my life was simply to make it easy to document and upload my 4-month solo cross-country road trip from TX out to the WILD, WILD WEST and up to Portland to capture life as it happened so my family knew I was alive on my trip.
In the meantime, she brought out my very colorfully and creative side (some love it and some hate it- I do not give a flying bleep either way) through this blog and I cannot thank her enough for allowing my creative mind to come alive.
Good or not, this blog and Lucy has been my best medicine through those dark days and even still today, she is my safe place to BE DIVINE and Unapologetic about LIVING OUT LOUD through life and all it has to surprise me with.  Is there a better gift in this world than that?  Not to me.  Just Lucy and Me…for work, play and everything along the way.
Sadly, Lucy is now officially on hospice. She is about to zap out any day now. She’s been loyally by my side capturing every crazy adventure of mine for the last 7 yrs which equivalent to a 70+ yrs human lifetime in Apple Yrs. She is a tough cookie, holding on to every last glitch as she makes the transition. Some days are more glitchy than others.
I am feverishly uploading her brain to dropbox because she’s so old she isn’t even compatible with iCloud if you can even imagine that!  We are going to the genius bar one last time to ask how we can capture what’s in iPhoto not so much for the pix but so she can flirt with the cute nerdy smart guys she loves so much and smell the new technology like the iCougar she is for one last time.  Will I get a new model?  It’s too soon to know.
What a weird feeling this is for me…my computer holds my entire last 7 years of my most creative work unreleased in practice of “what if’s”, she knows it all, my dreams, my heartbreaks, my efforts, my unrealized potential locked up in her memory. She holds it all secretly like a BFF would, the memories that I can’t even remember most days.
I’ll literally be in mourning when she zaps out for the last time. But until then, it is me and Lucy conquering the world together one day at a time on her soft rubbed out keys and heavy stature. She’s outlived all of Apple compatible devices that I’ve brought home so I am grateful for Lucy and all she’s added to my life.  She was the most expensive laptop I never thought I would buy, but now, looking back, she is priceless.
am not sure I’ll let her go to recycling after she zaps out, I just can’t do that immediately. In her memory, I might keep her around for a while like decoration, adorn her somehow in my office as a wall mount in a frame or something sentimental like that as a reminder of how far we’ve come together, knowing she’ll inspire me even more to how far I’m am still going to go!  Thank you for always bringing out my most creative self, Lucy!  
So. Much. Love.

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