They say it takes courage to do the very thing you aim to achieve, regardless of what it might be. Meaning mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty to do that thing you want to do. My question is if it is in your heart, why is it dangerous, difficult or even hard? The word courage comes from the French meaning “from the heart” which is why it shouldn’t be scary at all.  But we do that to ourselves, don’t we?

We make things harder and scarier than they are for no reason.

Our critical thoughts create the illusion of danger, so we muster up the courage. For example, I have decided along the way I am deathly afraid of public speaking.  Many people claim the same fear with pride.  I am not sure when my brain told my body that it’s physically impossible to do that.  My body has learned to respond as if it’s literally going to endure a bloody murder.  But why?  I stand and talk all the time. Why is giving me a microphone and maybe even an elevated surface so life threatening to me?

As 2017 class president, my nephew recently gave an amazing commencement speech at his high scwith-courage-you-will-dare-to-take-risks-have-the-strength-to-be-compassionate-courage-quotehool graduation to about five thousand people in the audience and countless streaming live online.  I know he was nervous only because he told us he was.  On the outside his energy was beaming with love and confidence, his words were soaring with sincerity and service to his classmates, teachers, and parents. His delivery was that of a lifelong professional speaker – powerful.  The room was in awe of his graceful delivery from the heart.

At dinner afterward, he was getting countless congratulation messages. He said, “I wonder what people are saying about it?  Was it good?”  My heart dropped knowing what we do to ourselves in that exact defining moment when we care too much what other people think to determine our success or failure in efforts.  That is the moment when life requires real courage isn’t it?  The power we give/get to earn approval changes the fate of our future efforts.

What takes real courage?  Being okay with the outcome regardless.

Staying true to our hearts effort to create ‘our thing’ and give ourselves to the world takes real courage to keep going despite the outcomes. Being free from criticism and continuing to develop natural talents, gifts & skills “out loud” in public takes real courage to do it with or without applause. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all knew at a very young age the endless amount of creative power comes from within each of us and can never be taken away by external measurements we use to define success and failure?

I went on a positivity rant of honest feedback of how in awe I am of him, doing “that courageous” thing at his age. Then, like any fan crazy groupie in awe of a superstar th-4performance, I asked him how he does it so easily.  He gave me the most puzzled look of confusion the smiled and said, “It’s just like dancing. I go with the flow and have fun, like dancing.”   Stumped by his answer, I said: “Well, HUH.  That changes everything for me, I love dancing!”  My own self-taught fear filled limitations lifted in that instant because I love dancing.  So now I’ll just think about dancing in the things I have defined as scary with a new mindset.  It’s just that simple, isn’t it?  Again the ongoing theme of mastering my own Mindset, that sneaky little thought that changes everything.

Ryan Hurt’s 2017 speech at timestamp 111.20 seconds. You’ll see what inspired courage from the heart of a true leader look and sounds like! He makes it look easy.


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