We have ZERO competition in the entire universe of people who do what we can uniquely do because we are unique in all we do! Nobody can do it just like you do it – whatever your “it” is. That’s super great news! Some might copy you, heck, you might copy many in the effort to learn your thing, but no one can do it just like you can do it.

th-6I have fallen guilty of this doubt for so many years. I talk to so many who say and feel the same way when they stop themselves from creating that thing they want to create because it’s been done before. Does this sound familiar to you too? “Well, there are already so many in the market space, it’s flooded, so why bother.” Or, “how many (insert your thing here) are out there doing so much better than I can do this already, who’s going to listen or follow me?” Or, “That story has already been told before.” endless…..on and on….excuses here.

No one can do it like you can do it so why do we stop ourselves from saying it, being it, expressing it?  Not one person can do it like you can, so just do it already.  How many times has a love story or a song lyric been made from the beginning of time? And still, we dive deep into each one, even though they are all “love stories” and “songs” that have the same theme or musical beat, don’t we?  We love the creativity in a new way every time someone is brave enough to put it out there.  We don’t have to love it enough to buy it, but most respect of us in the world the effort of people at least trying.

I guess our only job is to just to ignore the world constant chatter and just create ithe damn thing.  Don’t be afraid to just put it out there, and just move on in your uniqueness to express something, your own way.  Those who love it will, those who don’t won’t … and none of that matters anyway.  It’s our connection to inner-love to express whatever we do that matters through our muse. Our fingerprint on the world saying, “I was here and I have something to say my way – here it is!”


If I could tell my younger self to freely write without judgment, express, create without hesitation, putting out my imagination, my stories, my very random perspectives on life before I consider everything/everyone on the outside that would discourage me like, opinions, cultural norms & business logistics. The overwhelming distractions like how can I profit from this, branding, target markets, format, technique, logistics, formalities, I’d be a much happier creative genius by now. We were made to be free thinking creative geniuses. I wish we all felt free enough to do that and be that by now. I’m sure trying, and that feels good.

The good news is, no matter who we are, what we’ve been through, we can start again anytime we want to.  We can create what we love unapologetically.  No explanations, No excuses, No opinions welcomed. We will never know what will happen until we do.  Don’t hog your inner creative genius. Share it!  People like me will thank you for it!

Just Being Me, CathyV


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